How to approach Changarrito

Some ways to approach Changarrito Project

1st plan, When the artist approachs CH project.

(Applies to individual or group of artists)

The artists want to make a presentation of their work at CH project. We guide them in order to understand the procedure, according to the interest they have and want to develop, we help to organize and coordinate them. We support them. The bureaucratic procedure, from the organization of their work, list of work to carry with the cart, designing the virtual invitations to the promotion of the event, to teach them how to assemble the device, tell them to come to see it, we give them the instructions, tell them that they see the history of the project, tell them that they study the website and the exhibited artists, once they learn about the project and its mission. They read the code of behavior. They carry CH and exhibit it, the complete process is recorded on photography and video, when they finish their presentation and takes it back, we administrate all the information from the Studio, for the publication on the website.  Lee el código de conducta. A file with documents and photographies is made. And the process of exhibition ends.

2nd plan, From Changarrito, when CH invites an artist.

When Changarrito invites artists to exhibit at the project, from the organization of CH we take care of all that we mentioned previously at point 1. The artists only coordinate themselves with the organization to deliver the artwork. We look for them, we take them, they are honored, their work is bought, they are promoted, etc.  

3rd plan, When an institution invites the project as a platform.
The institution invites CH Project as an alternative platform of its exhibition rooms. In this case, the institution takes care of the programming, of the bureaucratic part of the project, carrying it forward, always with the precepts and the spirit of Changarrito.

As it is the case of Mexic-Arte Museum, in Austin, Texas, where they carry forward Changarrito Residency Project, successfully since 7 years ago, with a programming of 1 artist by month.

4th plan, Institutional invitations to the Collection.

I fan Institution invites CH to an exhibition of the artworks of Changarrito Collection, the Institution that receives the pieces is formally responsible for the process, for example: shipment, insurances, puttng in frames, etc. until returning the artworks safe and sound. Then the institution provides CH with the documents of the event, on photography and video, in order to archive them, and also for promotion and diffusion.

5th plan, If an institution invites Changarrito Project for its exhibition at the facilities, before accepting the invitation, an interview with the institution is made, to understand which is the aim of the presentation of Changarrito Project (is necessary to know, as much for the artist as for Changarrito, what is looked for, with this invitation) and according to it, Changarrito will evaluate in a brief interview if it can take part in the event, respecting its mission and its values.

Changarrito will evaluate the next items:

- What use is to Changarrito to begin a call of artists for an appearance at the institution that is inviting?

- Why would artists be interested in exhibiting their artwork at Changarrito, within the institution that is inviting?

- Does the institution understand the effort that represents for Changarrito to coordinate an appearance?

- Does the institution understand the effort that represents for the artists to make an exhibition at Changarrito in the institution facilities?

- Changarrito does not look for an economic compensation. But the time investment and the energy of both of them, Changarrito and the Artist, must be justified somehow. 

-The next question must be answered clearly: In which degree the aims of the institution contribute and enrich the mission of Changarrito Project and the Artist? If the answer is clear and satisfactory, then it is an activity in which Changarrito and de artist can participate. 

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