Photo: Changarrito  in Slideluck, Mexico City, 2015

Exhibiting and promoting artists through an alternative platform. 



Photo: Changarrito in Affordable Art Fair, Mexico City, 2012

Our opinion
  1.       We proclaim Changarrito as a space where the artist is free.
  2.       We don’t want that institutions or professionals edit, discriminate or decide what the artists want to do or say with their artwork.
  3.       We don’t accept  neither  intermediaries, nor mediators that benefit themselves selfishly of the work of the artist. 
  4.       We believe in the diversity of works and esthetics. 
  5.       The Art avoid violence, artists promote peace. 
Our work 
  1.       We must learn to overcome the economic barrier to express ourselves.
  2.       It’s a direct experience of the public with Art and artist.
  3.       Practice and work are vital.
  4.       Generosity is the motto and the strength that support us.
  5.       Honesty is our sign.
  6.       We believe in the effort that we all bring. Together is easier.

Our spirit 
  1.        .  Word is sovereign and autonomous.
  2.       Expression is free as love.
  3.       Our gallery is the sky, the stars and the street; the tianguis: our museum.  
  4.      Activate yourself! Dynamic and open, Changarrito as a tool for that one who choose it and wants to work with or from it.
  5.       Come and fill the space with your content. Use it to grow and transmit your visión.
  6.       Creating a legacy without limits, that teaches us our time, is sour dream.     

Our proposal 
  1.        .  We proclaim creative freedom of artistic and literary proposals.  
  2.            With spontaneity and stronger values, let’s be Humanity.

Máximo González


Code of Behavior

Photo: Changarrito at 'Centro Cultural Border', Mexico City, 2013

1.   To make a cultural promotion work with integrity.
2.   To take care over our reputation and Changarrito’s artists also.
3.   To behave professionally.
4.   To show respect for people and the environment.
5.   To behave with Civic and Social responsibility.
6.   To work as a team and to analyze the way in which we work.
7.   To take into account ethic consequences of our behavior.
8.   To support Changarrito’s name.

If I have to act and the action is not clear enough for me as regards ethics or the moral of it, I can ask myself the following questions to consider the action:

1.             Is the action against the mission, values and rules of Changarrito?
2.             Is it within the law?
3.             Will it be something negative for me or Changarrito?
4.             Who else would suffer the consequences (other people, Changarrito artists, contributors, the environment, etc.)?
5.             Would I be ashamed if other people knew I behave that way?
6.             Does it exist an alternative action which does not involve an ethic conflict?
7.             How it would be seen in the newspapers?
8.             What would a reasonable person think about it?
9.             Can I have a peaceful sleep?


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